Monday, June 29, 2009

The House saga Continues......

Well we are like 3 days til escrow should close and we get an e-mail saying some is on the owner titel so we have to wait to sign all the paper work in 7-10 days cause they have to get a paper on the titel.Think this is bad i have most of the the house packed ready to go,So now we have to in boxes for at least 10 days .I want to tell everyone hey what do you think your doing do you know what we are having to go through.. but then I think well there must be a reason for all this I feel iam at the end of my ropes with all this we just want to move in!

Funny how things work out and it never happens when you want it to happen but we are just waiting it out longer we will soon be in a house that belongs to us..

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  1. Have you gotten moved in yet. We'd love to see some photos.


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