Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Puppy Love

Well this our new puppy we named him rosco he is 10 weeks old he is such a baby...He follows me around all the time We love this puppy so much..... He started to throw up this morning Which I thought was kinda odd cause I felt it was not right so I had to take him to the vet this morning Here he is with my best friend abby...We found out the reason he was throwing up....was he has he is at my friends house and she is giving him pedialite 2 times an hour and his medicine 3 times a day...tell we can get him through this hump in his little life...This is his 1st doctor visit..Please pray for him these next 8-9 days will be the most critical once he is passed that he should be fine...If you have dogs get them their vaccinate your dogs...The parvo shot needs to be done once a year..

This is the day we brought him home he had pravo then and the ladie did not even tell us he had it....But I beleive God sent us there to try to save his life please continue to pray for me and us...

I will keep u up to date on the his status...

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