Thursday, December 10, 2009

christmas letter 2009

Dear Family and Friends[J1] ,
We are entering one of the greatest seasons of the year. It is a joy to celebrate together the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ.
January- We really didn’t have much happening I went to the Ladies luncheon at Church. It was really nice they had a good speaker. We had the BIMI missions conference: it is always nice to have the missionaries come and show us their fields.
February- was Our first Valentines Day as a married couple. I cooked a nice dinner for Jon and we had a good evening together. Our truck broke down in February and it would Cost more money then we had to fix it. So we prayed, and God answered our prayers and now we have a Plymouth Colt. It is a really nice car a 1992. We also sold our truck for 800 dollars to the guy who sold us the Colt. Isn’t God good?!?
March- our Sunday School class had It’s annual progressive dinner. It was nice of course, we both ate too much; there goes the pounds we had lost. Also in march my aunt and cousin and her 2 boys came out to see us on their way to my aunt’s house in Placentia. It was a great visit We really enjoyed seeing them just wished it was a longer visit.
April our Easter was a quiet one this year We enjoyed going to our church ‘s cantata a great service. We also went with Jon’s coworker and his wife to the San Diego Zoo It was a lot of fun. The Lord was directing us to buying our first house. We thought at first we were going to get Jon’s mom’s house, but that did not work out. So we began seriously looking around.
May-Our Church had its annual mother/daughter luncheon The theme was Bear all things’ It was really a nice time together for all the mothers and daughters. We put an offer in on a house we liked very much and hoped we could get it That house fell through, so we put in another offer on a house. Jon was working 10 hr days and weekends too so I felt like I hardly saw him. Our dear friends Brad and Lola from Oregon came to visit us at our bunkhouse.
June- - We celebrated our 1st year anniversary Sure didn’t seem like it had been a year. I helped in VBS at church. The Lord sure blessed us this year with a lot of helpers. We finally had a house in escrow It seems like you go up and down with trying to buy a house!
July- We moved into our new house! It is 1104 sq feet so we have a lot more room. It is real nice. We have some work that needs to be done with the house but that take time. Thank you for all who have been praying for us through this. God sure is good to us. Well, the minute we moved into our house it seemed like Jon started fixing things he put new door knobs on the screen doors, cause I could not get in with the old ones. Then he put lights in our bedroom which were badly needed Jon got laid off due to the nation’s economy. We enjoyed spending first year of married life in the Shorts’ bunkhouse where we were quite happy.
August Well, God provided work for Jon: some of the church people needed help, or jobs done; and God provided work. We had to paint the outside of the house. It looks much better now. We watched our friends’ dogs while they went on vacation.
Sept- Well we started serving another year with our church king’s kids Jon is the club secretary, and I help in the 1st through 3rd grade class, On Sept 12 we drove to Placentia go see my cousin. She just had a baby in July and we were so excited for her. It was a really nice time with them. On Sept 22 Jon was asked to come back to work: praise the Lord’ We have been wanting a dog, so on Sept 29 we went and got Rosco He is a miniature pincher, a very well behaved 10 week old puppy. Roy short guided Jon on some landscaping for our new home.
Oct—Our puppy was so sick he got parvo, so we took him to the vet and they gave him an IV and some shot and gave us some medications and I think the Lord spared his life So thank you all who Prayed Jon and I, and my dear friend Abby went to the Pumpkin Patch and Oak Glen for outing We had a fun time. Our church celebrated It’s 46th anniversary as a church It was a great day. Jon built a fence for our puppy it is so nice.
Nov- I turned 34 on November 10: I feel old. My husband spoiled me! We celebrated Thanksgiving with my Friend and her family we went to Idyllwild for dinner: it sure was beautiful up there. This year we have a lot to be thankful for a new house,and a healthy puppy. Rosco ran away on thanksgiving please pray he will return to us soon.
Had various friends over for dinner tried to do this once a month
Jon serves as the bookstore manger at our church, and I serve in the nursery once or twice a month.
May the new year 2010 be a great year for all of you God is good!
Jon and Jenny Sherwood


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