Wednesday, May 19, 2010


As before we got pregnant I did not realize how many choices or decisions we would have to make before the baby was born...I was told that at week 15 they would do a blood test to check for down sydrome and some other tests..and I think they do that so you could get an abortion well that is not a choice it sad how many abortions girls have now a days..We have decided not to take the blood test cause we are not going to abort the baby.Jon had surgery 2 weeks ago friday to take the nail head out of his back he said to me last night that it has stopped hurting like it was...Well we will find out soon what the baby is..can't wait .....Iam 13 weeks and feel a little better then i was it hard....God is so good to us...We hope our next appointment to hear the babies heartbeat through the drobbler I think it called...

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