Friday, December 17, 2010

mikaela's birth story

I love you baby girl and I always will...

And wished i was warned about somethings like my feet would swell after the c sections and getting a epidural may cause you to end up having to have a c section anyways on with the story...

My pregnancy was a dream never did have morning sickness had a little nausahness for 3 weeks never had really any complications God truly brought us through...

I was 34 weeks and had went to the doctors for my weekly appointment they put me on the stress test to listen to the baby's heartbeat and my contractions well i was having a lot of them like 7 in 15 minutes so i was sent to labor and delivery to be checked and i spent the afternoon there i did not even feel i was having them..and they sent me home..

From 34 weeks and on i was having bracton hicks contractions they where not as strong enough that i was concerned about them and my Dr was not really concerned about them..

well November 20Th i was feeling some contractions a little stronger that night i was woken up with some they still did not seem strong enough to go to the hospital we were suppose to go to a thanksgiving dinner at church but i was not feeling that great and for me to say that i must of not felt good well i thought i should go to the hospital to get checked we were half way there and the contractions stopped so we turned around and went to home depot so i could walk then they started up we left and headed to the hospital well i was in what they call the treague room and was being monitored and checked every hour i was 2 cm at that point they would not let me leave my poor husband had to sleep on the floor that night lets just say neither one of us got ant sleep and i did not get my lunch so i was so hungry..well my Dr was not on call he was out of town so Dr c was and he decided to go ahead and amitt me and start potican to help my labor along i hated it every 20 mintures they would push it up so it got stronger i addmitt iam a wimp when it comes to pain it was 7am when they did the I've which i hated so they waited til about 12pm and started the potican about 2:30 i got a epidural now that was fun it was the weirdest feeling in the world i was not progressing like they wanted me to i was only at a 2 still so they broke my water to see if that helped mean while my blood presser dropped so low that i was feeling sick and like i was going to pass out...them my Dr came about 5sh checked me and i was a 3 and gave me a little while to she if i would progress more he came back and i was still the same and said he wanted to take me for a c section it was the scarist thing to be wheeled into an operating room with out my husband or my mom being preped for surgery then they brought Jon in it was weird being numb and only feeling presser my heart stopped when i heard my little angel cry...i only regret not being able to hold her right after birth but got know....Thank you for all your prayers as my Dr said she a miracle baby..

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  1. Oh, Jenny..I actually read this before but was having trouble commenting! Love this!! :)


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